Energy Recovery Modules are pre-engineered options for TT-Series Direct-Fired Make-up Air Handlers

Maximize Energy and Heat Recovery and Minimize Cost and Environmental Impact!


In collaboration with one of our sister companies Heatex,  we offer their energy recovery modules as an option to our TT-series Direct-fired air handlers.

Energy Recovery modules are beneficial for any building requiring make-up air.  Process heat, can be reclaimed from exhaust air instead of being wasted.  The greater the air volume or temperature of the exhaust, the greater the potential savings.

How do Energy Recovery Modules Work?

With a plate-style energy recovery module, exhaust air and incoming air pass each other in a cross-flow pattern, divided by thin metal plates.  Sensible energy is transmitted from exhaust air to incoming air via conduction.


There are many benefits to using energy recovery modules including...

  • Energy Efficiency - reduces fuel consumption by pre-heating or pre-cooling incoming outdoor air.
  • Enhanced Indoor Air Quality - significantly reduces carbon dioxide (Co2).
  • Frost-free operation - Energy Recovery Modules can operate at any temperature by monitoring the interior temperature and adjusting to prevent frost-build-up.
  • Hygienic operation - exhaust air will not cross-contaminate supply air.
  • Durability - No moving parts, strong aluminum plates in high standard alloy mean long lifetime and minimal service.
  • Design Flexibility - standard sizes for air flows up to 25,000 CFM (larger custom sizes available).  Epoxy coated modules for highly corrosive environments.


Energy Recovery Modules are specifically made for any facility that struggles with poor energy efficiency and HVAC problems.  Examples include...

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouses
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Any building requring make-up air

Adding energy recovery modules into our TT-series Direct-fired make-up units allows our products to become even more energy efficient and better serve the industries we are in.  Questions?  Be sure to contact us today to learn how our air handlers can make your facility safer, healthier, and more productive.

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