Premium, Industrial-Grade, Direct-Fired,
Make-Up Air Handlers Enhance Indoor Air Quality

Heating, Cooling, Pressurization and Energy Recovery for Industrial Buildings


Direct Fired Air Handler


Available from 5,000-150,000 CFM, WEATHER-RITE™ TT-Series direct-fired, make-up air units provide energy efficient, heating, cooling, energy recovery, pressurization or ventilation for industrial applications. Our air handlers improve indoor air quality and comfort by establishing and maintaining a slightly pressurized condition, while gently tempering outdoor air and mixing it with existing indoor air.


Indoor air quality is important within a heated space. Fresh outside air delivered to the space helps to pressurize and allow exhaust systems to operate more efficiently. To reduce energy cost, up to 80% can be recirculated and delivered back into the building. Discharge air volume is fixed.


Make-up air, air management or variable air volume model styles allow for flexibility based on application. Some models automatically respond to building pressure and temperature needs. With optional cooling packages, direct fired air handlers satisfy building temperature requirements year-round.

  • Enhanced indoor air quality – Helps dilute and expel airborne contaminants making exhaust systems operate more efficiently
  • Consistent temperatures and less stratification - Optional cooling effectively reduces indoor air temperatures to help keep people and processes productive
  • Heating and ventilation flexibility - System can be designed to automatically modulate outdoor air, return air and/or discharge air volume to meet application needs
  • Ease of management and control - Optional computer-based Infinity-Pro Controls provide system information easily and effectively
  • Cost savings - Heating systems deliver 100% of the heat generated into the building resulting in energy savings


WEATHER-RITE™ TT-Series industrial-grade, make-up air handlers are built to last:

  • Heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant aluminized steel welded housing
  • Welded structural steel frame construction
  • Internal structural steel framework and exterior skin welded together
  • Welded blade airfoil fan wheel
  • Heavy-duty fan bearings (ABMA L-10 rated life of 100,000 hours)
  • Higher static pressure capabilities
  • Energy efficient fan design – only one backward curve fan for each cabinet size
  • Energy efficient, low maintenance, direct-fired burner and manifold


Direct Fired Make Up Air


Direct Fired MUA


Our reputation is built on our industrial-grade, direct-fired air handlers. Combined with longevity, efficiency and adaptability, our make-up air handlers provide clean, outdoor air; heating, cooling, pressurization and energy recovery.


Our primary goal is to improve indoor air quality in industrial buildings, efficiently. We strive to satisfy customers with high-quality products at the best possible prices. Not only are we backed by heavy-duty products, but we’re also supported by our heavy-hitting team of industrial air experts.


Industrial Direct Fired Air Handler

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