Commercial Direct-Fired Air Handlers

Designed to deliver 100% of burner energy into a heated space, the Weather-Rite™ XT-Series commercial grade direct-fired, make-up air units are an effective, solution to heating, ventilating or pressurizing a space. High quality parts used for unit construction, cabinet frame and wall panels bolt and screwed together to form an efficient and economical, durable make-up air unit for commercial and industrial spaces as well as paint booth and paint finishing application. Our direct-fired air handlers are strong and resilient. 


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Additional features of our XT-Series direct-fired, make-up air units include:

  • 5,000 to 40,000 CFM
  • Aluminum manifold burner with 30:1 turndown
  • Commercial-grade equipment with bolt and screw construction
  • Variable Volume Options - 100% outdoor make-up air or recirculation 
  • Building pressure and space temperature control
  • Upright or horizontal, indoor or outdoor configurations
  • Economical Price Points
  • ETL listed for all models in the United States, 100% Outside air and Process heaters in Canada

WEATHER-RITE™ XT-Series models incorporate a variety of options and control features appropriate for many applications. Applications include: manufacturing buildings, warehouses, commercial kitchens, vehicle and product finishing.

Some available options include:

  • 19" roof curb simplifies rooftop mounting
  • Inlet hood protects against water entrainment
  • Filter section with 30% pleated, 30% polyester or permanent filters for longer equipment life of internal components and clean, filtered air
  • Motorized inlet and discharge dampers for exfiltration control
  • FM/GAP-XL Insurance compliant gas trains
  • Direct Digital Controls (DDC) for local or nework interfacing
  • Remote control panel with summer/off/winter switch for easy operation
  • Low-temperature automatic shutdown
  • 7-day time clock
  • Remote control panel with summer/off /winter switch for easy operation
  • Mild weather stat

Our reputation is built on our direct-fired air handlers. Combined with longevity, efficiency and adaptability our units provide clean - outdoor air, efficienct heating, cooling and pressurization. 

Our primary goal is to satisfy all of our customers with high-quality products for the best possible prices. Our knowledgeable staff is available for any questions or additional information you may require.

XT-Series Commercial Direct Fired Air Handler

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