Product Range

Weather-Rite offers a wide range of products to satisfy industrial and commercial applications. Direct-fired air handlers provide an effective and efficient way to heat a building. Indirect-fired air handlers are able to heat and/or cool buildings with up to 100% return air capabilities. Indirect-fired air turnover units for indoor use allow for a constant airflow within the building, eliminating hot/cold spots throughout. 

Direct Fired Make-Up Air -
Industrial Grade

Air handlers designed for the industrial market are sturdy, robust and long-lasting. Weather-Rite delivers on each of those areas. Our premium direct-fired air handlers are built with a welded unibody cabinet and ensure many years operation.

Direct-Fired Make-Up Air -
Commercial Grade

Direct-fired air handlers built for commercial markets offer a reliable cost-effective heating option for your building. Standard heater design allows for 100% of the heated air directed into the space. Free ventilation cooling delivers additional operational savings.

Split System
Condensing Unit

Outdoor split system condensing units feature R410A refrigerant and are available in both single and multi-circuit configurations. Component flexibility offers a wide range of options. Each unit delivers high efficiency levels with a wide range of standard options. Year-round heating and cooling units can be installed on a slab or post and rail system.

Indirect-Fired Air Handlers

Indirect-fired air handlers heat buildings without delivering combustion by-products into the space. The double wall burner cabinet with high efficient stainless steel heat exchanger reflects the high-quality of Weather-Rite manufactured equipment. Flexible unit configurations available.

Indirect-Fired Air Turnover

HVAC equipment installed indoors takes up valuable floor space. Air turnover units provide efficient building solutions through continuous air movement. Uniform temperatures from top to bottom are what makes air turnover units the ideal piece of equipment.